Welcome to the Steiner's Sheepshead Page! The name of our group comes from the overused term "Philip Der Shtein". Steiners then became the name of our bowling team. After many years we figured out that we all came to bowling just so we could get together to play sheepshead, eat and drink beer. We decided to cut out the unsavory part of our evenings together (the bowling) and just concentrate on the other three endeavors.

OK, we could go into the rules of sheepshead here, but that has been done to death on the web. Take a look at the links below to get a good feel for how sheepshead is played.

1 - Sheepshead.org

2 - Sheepshead Rules

3 - Play Sheeps on Yahoo. Give it a try.

The Steiners play 5 handed (6 people but dealer sits), Jack of Diamonds partner, no leasters, no call up, crack, re-crack, double on the bump, blitz red or black style of sheepshead. We're based in Madison , WI .

As you might guess we have our own little idiosyncrasies of play:

1 - Mauer Rule -- Instead of leasters, we call on the Mauer rule. When everyone has passed on the blind, each player's hand strength is gauged according to these points: Queens worth 3 strength points, Jacks worth 2, other trump worth one, except the Jack of Diamonds which is worth -1. The highest point total (this could be more than one person in a tie) owe a dime to the pot. This is a small price to pay, the real penalty is the shame and harassment that comes from not picking with a strong hand. No one has yet received a wedgie for mauering, but that is not inconceivable. The word "mauer" is often associated with the word "sphincter". A newer rule is that once someone has 5 mauers on a page, they start getting double marks for their mauers.

2 - Shteiner -- For some unknown reason we call "schneider" "shteiner".

3 - Monkey Hand -- This is the same as a "granny" hand referred to on other pages. We call it a monkey hand to make it even more insulting, even a monkey could play it and win. Sometimes called a Zahn hand for reasons that will go unexplained.

4 - 69 Rule -- If a team wins with 69 points, the money exchange is doubled.

5 - Doubling -- Doubling is taken to extreme limits. Blitzes shown on passed hands cause the next hand to be doubled. Each passed hand causes the next to be doubled as well. The bottom of a score sheet causes doubles to mount across, up to four doublers allowed on a hand.

6 - Flying Crack -- If you want to crack, but don't want to let the partner get a recrack in, you can go for a flying crack: the knuckles must beat the card to the table.

7 - Four of a Kind -- If you have four of a kind in your hand, you can throw the hand in, and call a misdeal. No one has done it with 4 queens yet. This also causes a round of doublers to be scored.

8 - Low Guy Calls A Round -- Low guy can call a round of doublers any time they want. This can happen once per page per person. If the call is made after low person has looked at their cards, the round of doublers starts on the next hand.

9 - 60 Hurts -- A score of 60 causes a round of doublers to be scored.

10 - Weenies and (*ahem*) Hairy Sphincters -- If someone does not pick successfully on a page, they get a weenie. If someone does not pick at all on a page, they get a hairy sphincter. If someone is on the end of deal, and the the blind is not picked up for three deals, the deal moves to the left, and the last person gets a weenie. A weenie costs a buck, a hairy sphincter is worth two weenies.

11 - The Favre -- If you are on the end of the deal and do not pick 3 times in a row, you have to pay $4 to the kitty. If anyone has passed with 8 or more on this last deal, they will pay half the penalty, and the final passer pays half.

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